Where we build

Habitat Kansas City builds within the urban core of Kansas City, Missouri. Currently, we are building in the Center City and Ivanhoe neighborhoods. However, in 2008 we will also be building in the Palistine and Blue Valley neighborhoods.

2007 Neighborhoods
The Center City Neighborhood is bounded by Linwood Boulevard on the north, Armour Boulevard on the south, Paseo Boulevard on the east and Troost Avenue on the west. The twelve square block area is home to a diverse population and includes a mix of residential, commercial, educational and religious properties. The Neighborhood is a part of a number of active city and community revitalization and redevelopment plans: Habitat for Humanity Kansas City new homes built in 2005 and 2006, Kansas City Neighborhood Improvement Program (NIP), Neighborhood Housing Services new homes and community partnership, Kansas City Parkway Plan, and funding earmarked at the national level. The residents of Center City work hard to stay involved and informed about projects in our community by working with developers, builders and community leaders to protect neighborhood values, green space and continue to improve the overall quality of life for all who call Center City home.

Center City is one of Kansas City's smaller neighborhoods but you might be surprised by the amount of energy generated by those active in the community. The neighborhood is home to the Center City Neighborhood Association whose members meet on the first Tuesday of every month. The meetings provide a forum to exchange valuable information about programs and events impacting our area. The Neighborhood Association coordinates a number of clean-up projects and other events, and is co-host of the annual neighborhood picnic with Christ Temple Church.
Link to a PDF of the neighborhood boundaries.

The Ivanhoe Neighborhood Plan has been recognized by the City as a guide for the Ivanhoe Neighborhood Council for future development and redevelopment for that part of Kansas City, Missouri, that is generally delineated on the north by 31st Street, on the south by Brush Creek, on the east by Prospect Avenue and on the west by Paseo Boulevard. The plan establishes a future vision for the neighborhood and provides an implementation framework the neighborhood can follow to achieve the vision.

The Ivanhoe Neighborhood Council was established in December, 1967, making it one of the oldest neighborhood organizations in Kansas City.  It is the organizing entity and the voice for residents of the area bounded by 31st  Street on the north, 47th Street on the south, Paseo on the west and Prospect on the east.