Resources for Construction Volunteers

These are documents, links, and other materials that may help you prepare for a volunteer day out on our construction sites. You'll notice that some of these are helpful for things around your own home as well as volunteering with us. If there's something you'd like to see us add here, please let us know.

 This online training gives all volunteers an idea of what to expect on the Habitat construction site. After the slideshow, take the quiz. When you have passed, a certificate of completion is emailed to our volunteer dept. In the near future, this certification will be REQUIRED to volunteer on site. Lockton Affinity has put together this safety orientation in partnership with Habitat for Humanity International. Approximate length of time: 30 minutes. 
Construction Safety Manual This guide gives you the basics of working with various items on the construction sites. A must read for anyone new to construction. 
Please note that the following resources are for your personal information only and are not official documents, policies or opinions of Habitat for Humanity Kansas City.  When you are on site, it is the official policy of Habitat KC that you follow the instructions given to you by the site superintendent.
Construction Volunteer How-to Articles Many thanks to Johnny, one of our longest-serving and most devoted volunteers, for writing these articles and putting them together on his website. These are very detailed instructions for many of the most common activities on a Habitat KC job site. 
Lowe's How-To Articles Learn everything from how to install drywall to how to design & build a doghouse.  
Home Depot's Know-How Articles Another guide on how to do a variety of projects like drywall, wall framing, or building a picnic table.