Habitat for Humanity Kansas City relies on financial donations and in-kind gifts of materials from individuals, businesses, organizations, churches and other faith communities to fulfill its mission and ministry. Habitat KC also receives support from public and private foundations and government sources.

Our diverse sources of funding ensure that all facets of society can participate in supporting our ministry. Gifts may be restricted to a particular program, house or activity. Equally important are the unrestricted gifts provided on a regular basis throughout the year that support operations and allow our staff to direct funds to areas of greatest need.

Your investment in Habitat Kansas City is not just in bricks and mortar. When you partner with Habitat KC you are leaving a visible legacy of decent, affordable, housing. Your investment means even more because you are helping to break the cycle of poverty in our community. You are investing in the lives of families and turning their dream of homeownership into reality.

With an affordable mortgage payment in place, local families can begin planning for their future, for their children's education, and for their retirement. And with permanent housing, families have a place to gather and celebrate life's achievements year after year, for generations to come.