Make Change campaign

Every dime makes a difference.

Everyone can make a difference in our community:

  1. Collect spare change
  2. Donate your change to Habitat for Humanity Kansas City
  3. Spread the word

How to Donate
Pick up small boxes to fill with change (pictured left) from the Habitat for Humanity Kansas City office. Once they are filled, drop them off and pick up more. If our office is not convenient for you, please email us and we will make arrangements with you.

Help Us Reach Our Goal
Help us raise $30,000 in honor of our 30th anniversary to provide hard-working Kansas City families with decent and affordable housing.

Why Make Change
The objective of the Make Change campaign is to show what can happen when the seemingly small efforts of many people combine to create and sustain massive change. Plus, according to CoinStar Inc, idle change - unused nickels, quarters, dimes and pennies - in United States homes adds up to more than $10.5 billion!

Call (816) 924-1096 to learn more about how you can get involved and help others in Kansas City.

May 2010 Giving Calendar This calendar will help you add a little something to your box on a daily basis as you reflect on how much you have.  
Campaign Ideas Here are some ideas on how to collect change for your box or turn this campaign into a competition for your office/group. 



 Special thanks to er marketing for their assistance with this campaign