What to Donate
Wish List of items we could really use right now (current as of April 2010) 

While cash is the most common form of donation, and is always welcome, there are a number of other things you can donate that will help our mission:
  • Vehicles: Donate a car, truck, boat, RV or other vehicle to Cars for Homes™, Habitat for Humanity’s official car donation program, by calling 1-877-277-4344 toll free. Vehicles do not need to be in running condition and can be picked up from your location. PLEASE be sure to designate your donation to HABITAT KANSAS CITY.
  • Stock Donations: Giving appreciated stock to Habitat KC is a great way to minimize your capital gains taxes and help our mission of building decent, affordable housing. For more information, please contact our development department.
  • Property: We are looking to consolidate future plots in specific areas to make a bigger impact in those neighborhoods.  Please contact us if you have property you would like to donate to see if it meets our current needs.
  • Pro Bono Services: Habitat Kansas City needs professional services just like any other business. Current partners provide marketing, PR, mortgage servicing, legal advice and licensed professional construction services. Please call our office at 816-924-1096 to discuss how you can help.
  • Recyclables: We recycle paper and aluminum cans to help raise money for homes. Items can be brought to our office when you volunteer or collected at your site. For more information, see the page for Cans for Habitat or contact us.
  • Tools, equipment, etc. can often be used on our construction sites. Please call 816-924-1096 extension 108 to speak with our Construction Operations Manager.  
  • Food donations can be used in our weekly food pantry or to feed volunteers on our work sites each day. 
  • School supplies and uniforms will help our family partners' and other neighbors' children through "Backpack Repack" and our school uniform exchange. 
  • Office supplies such as pens, paper, cardstock, envelopes, etc. are always in use around the office.  We can also use items like paper plates, napkins, and kitchen tools for our office and events.
  • New and used building materials (appliances, lumber, hardware, light fixtures, brick, etc.) should be donated to our Habitat ReStore.  ReStore keeps old materials from the waste stream and sells them to the general public (or they may be used on some of our construction projects).  Please check the ReStore website for the specific guidelines on what the store will accept. Large items can also be picked up.  Proceeds from ReStore help fund Habitat KC's programs.

In-kind donations are tax deductible just like financial donations - just ask for a receipt!