When to Donate
Now is always a good time to donate!

House sponsors need to make donations prior to the start of construction. Once a commitment to sponsor is expressed a Sponsor Agreement is signed by all parties to ensure funds are received prior to the need to spend them on different phases of construction.

Unrestricted donations given on a regular basis throughout the year provide for our ongoing operational expenses, allow us to respond to unexpected needs and to develop new program initiatives. Giving on a monthly, quarterly or semi-annual basis provides Habitat KC financial stability and opportunity for growth.

The Builder’s Club is Habitat KC’s monthly giving program. Whether you already give on a monthly basis or would like to, registering for the Builder’s Club is a simple way to support our mission and help us with our financial planning. Builder’s Club members receive special benefits and recognition on our website, in newsletters and in our annual report.

The Square Foot Club offers two ways to support our construction program: 1) members pledge to “buy” one or more square feet for each house we build each year, or 2) individuals “buy” one or more square feet for a specific house. Through the Square Foot Club individuals can “buy” a whole room or specific space in a house.

In 2007 a square foot cost $65. A bedroom cost $6500, a bathroom cost $1950, a closet cost $1170, and an entry way cost $390. For more information, contact our Director of Development via email or by calling 816-924-1096 extension 104.

Other Occasions to Donate:
Gifts in honor of or in memory of a loved one or friend commemorate their importance in your life and to the mission of Habitat Kansas City. Special holidays, birthdays and anniversaries are wonderful occasions to honor someone important to you. In each case the gift (not the amount) is acknowledged to the person or their family when their contact information is included with the gift.