NSP (Neighborhood Stabilization Program)

The Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) is a program through the U. S. government to address the foreclosure crisis happening across the country. Here in Kansas City, more than $7 million dollars is being used to renovate homes in the urban core and get families moved in. This helps in reducing blight, increasing property values and revitalizing our neighborhoods. 

Habitat KC is proud to be one of five organizations working with the city of Kansas City on this program, and the only organization targeting low income families (those who make between 30 and 50% of Kansas City's average income).

All NSP projects done with Habitat KC will follow the same guidelines as our standard homebuyer program. To learn more about the income guildelines and program requirements, please click on the link below:

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While Habitat KC serves low income families, it is possible that you qualify for the NSP program but are above Habitat KC's guidelines. The basic NSP Requirements are:

1.  Be a U.S. citizen, qualifed alien or a non-immigrant.

2.  Be able to qualify for a mortgage.

3.  Attend an 8-hour HUD approved home buyer education class.

4.  The home you buy through the program must be your primary residence.

5.  Meet income qualifications below

Family Size

Maximum Household Income











If you would like information about the other property developers that are involved with NSP, please see http://nspkc.org