Homeownership Program

Is a Habitat home free? NO. We sell the home to you, and you pay for the home by making monthly mortgage payments. Habitat carries the loan for you at no interest.

What is the first step? The first step is to come to an application session, typically held on the first Saturday of the month. Please call 816-924-1096 to register for a spot. Space is limited.

Do I rent the home from you? NO. If you buy a home from us, you own the home. That means you have the responsibility to take care of the home, including mowing the yard and all home maintenance.

How much does a Habitat home cost? We set the sales price when we can determine the cost of the home. The most recent sales price of our new 3-bedroom home was approximately $100,000. We offer 25 to 30 year mortgages depending on a family's income. To give you an idea of a monthly mortgage payment, a 25-year mortgage costs about $450 per month, which includes property taxes and homeowners insurance.

Where is Habitat building houses? Currently we are building in the Vineyard, Washington Wheatley, and Ivanhoe neighborhoods. In addition to building new homes, we also rehabilitate older homes.

What does a Habitat home look like? We have built more than 240 new homes in the Kansas City urban area. Many of our homes are pictured throughout this website, but you are also welcome to call Habitat and ask where we are presently building. You can go and look at our sites to see the model(s) we are currently building.

Can anyone qualify for a home? NO. We wish that every person who wants a home could have one but first you must demonstrate a need for adequate housing. We have limited resources, and our mission has to be to help those with the greatest need. Some examples of "need" are:
     1) Landlord is unwilling to make repairs
     2) there are holes in the walls, roof, etc.
     3) the heating, electrical, or plumbing systems are not safe
     4) overcrowded conditions
     5) temporarily living with friends, family, in a motel, etc.

Members of the Family Selection Committee will do a home visit to determine your need.  You must also have a verifiable income, 30% to 50% of the median income for Kansas City. Third, you must be willing to partner with Habitat and commit 350 hours of "sweat equity."

What else is necessary to qualify? General guidelines also include the following:
      You must have at least 1 year of steady, verifiable income.
      You will be required to attend credit counseling.
      Your monthly obligations must not be so high that your ability to pay for the home is hurt.
      You must pay an agreed amount toward closing costs.